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The first thing we want to tell you is that the 802k is NOT a government-sanctioned program or tax-qualified plan approved by the IRS.

The 802k is a series of education, product selection an long-term behaviors that allow people who qualify to have a much higher degree of safety, to have a superior level of financial protection for themselves and their families and the ability to sleep better at night.

If you have a 401(k) you owe it to yourself to watch this stunning report from Frontline – The Retirement Gamble.  Just click on the image to go to their site and watch it.  You’ll never be lazy about paying attention to your retirement plan again!  And even if you think you “have control” of the situation, you will soon discover that perhaps you’re not quite there…

There are so many problems in the current system.  And the people who promote the current system are getting rich by keeping you poor!

  • With over 10,000 mutual funds available today, why are your 401(k) choices so limited?
  • Why is it that when the stock market crashes, the insiders still get paid while you eat the loss?
  • Why are the investment insiders so adamant about killing ideas the promote safety and productivity?
  • Why doesn’t your 401(k) representative teach you about safe but productive alternatives to mutual funds?
  • After saving for thirty years in the current system, why are so many retiring at-risk?
  • Why aren’t the investment insiders teaching people how to retire income-tax free?

The answer to almost all of these questions is:

“Because safe, productive and income-tax-free strategies do not benefit the investment insiders.”

Enter the 802k – Because it’s TWICE as good as your 401(k)!

See the light…

YOU control it!

One of the biggest complaints 401(k) participants have is the lack of control.  It’s either controlled by the lady in the benefits department or the government.  The investment choices you have are controlled by the investment advisor.  It’s YOUR money – why don’t YOU have Control?

Answer:  Because the entire 401(k) scheme is designed to benefit (i) the IRS in future taxes and penalties, (ii) the people who are hired to administer the plan and (iii) the investment people (who are the biggest beneficiaries of YOUR 401(k) plan!

Principal and Minimum Interest Guaranteed!

One thing we need to point out here is that the 802k strategy is just that – a strategy backed by financial products provided by solid financial institutions.

If you follow the strategy and have a person who understands the strategy and products, you will do great.  If you don’t follow the strategy or if you have a person who does not understand how to set it up, you could have problems.  YOU HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

It’s not hard at all.  You just need to get the facts, get a little help from a specialist and you will be fine.


A huge shortcoming of the 401(k) is in the early years.  Normally, when a person is young and just starting out in their 401(k), there is just not much money there – especially if the market has turned against them.  So while the richest people know how to leverage their wealth to leave massive amounts of money behind- even if they die young – you are getting what the investment insiders want you to have.  Why?  Because it benefits them.

The 802k takes all that control and benefit away from the Wall Street insiders and puts it in YOUR pocket!

With the 802k strategy, your family will reach your financial goals whether you are there or not.

Potential For Growth

The reality about safe, safe financial products is this:  While your money is safe, you are probably actually LOSING MONEY SAFELY!  When you consider inflation and taxation, keeping your money safe can be expensive.  Of course, you never have to worry about the next market fiasco wiping out half of your savings, and that works for some.

The 802k strategy encourages you to keep your money where it can have great potential for growth, without having to worry about a bad market wiping you out.  It is possible!  Millions are happily using this strategy.  If you don’t know about it, you should learn about it!

Income-Tax Free

What will the income tax rate be in the future?  It’s impossible to know, but many people believe that taxes on most people will be sky high.  Imagine – while your neighbor may be paying a 40% or 50% income tax rate on his 401(k), your income will be flowing without one penny of tax due.

Now we want to let you know that you don’t escape income tax altogether on the 802k strategy.  We use after-tax dollars to fund the program and then look forward to the Income-Tax Free future.  You will never be able to escape income taxes.  The question is – Do you want to pay taxes on the acorn or the tree?

The products and strategies we use in the 802k strategy have been used for over a hundred years to produce income that can be income-tax free!  The IRS has tried repeatedly to stop this practice, but has been immediately shot down by Congress.  

Again, YOU HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT to enjoy this benefit, but it is not difficult.  You just have to have the right information and the right person helping you!

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